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While a .223 with the proper bullet is a legitimate deer round in the hands of someone who knows which shots to take and which ones to pass on, the Cor-Bon ammo is for tactical use and utilizes varmit bullets (Sierra Blitzking), so they really aren't appropriate for hunting as they cannot offer any assurance of adequate penetration on big game. The good news is that Hornandy makes a 60 gr. .223 round that is appropriate for hunting and it makes 1322 fpe from a 24" barrel. Better yet, Federal offers a load with the 55 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, but it only puts out 1175 fpe (barrel length unknown). The Federal load is the best hunting load that I know of for the .223, and my father-in-law often hunts with a .223, but it doesn't make that ridiculus 1200 fpe rule in Maryland. In my opinion, energy, by itself, is a poor indicator of cartridge performance. I think that I will start a new thread on this
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