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I'm starting to smell a rat....or at least a bullsh**er....

Speaking as a LEO with experience spanning a good part of a decade I can stand here and say with confidence that nothing could be farther from the truth.
How many years do you have on the job?

8 years, started working in a small rural county S.O. of 19,000 total population, moved up to a large city PD in the Atlanta Metro area, total city/county population 119,000, I now work for my home county S.O. which has a population combined city and county of around 45,000.
But in December 2004, you had a combined total of 5 years on.

I’ve been in LE for a combined total of 5 years, I took a 7 year sabbatical to pursue other interests before my return, during my first tenure I pulled my back really bad sidelining me for several months, then upon my return to LE within a year of going back on patrol I was out with a blow out ham string.
What gives?? You went from having a combined total of 5 and a half combined years on the job over a span of 12 and a half years, to having 8 years on. How'd those three extra years get in there??? I'm not the type to quibble over seniority as long as somone isn't trying to BS me.....
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