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Speaking as a LEO with experience spanning a good part of a decade I can stand here and say with confidence that nothing could be farther from the truth.
How many years do you have on the job?

Here is the problem with many LEO’s today and a good number of the old hands from yester-year.

They all have this [email protected]$$ mentality which leads them to believe they are required to stand between the world and all that’s evil, they fully believe they must go toe to toe with each and every bad guy who bows up, talks back or runs from them and the good old fashion @$$ whooping was the order of the day.
I didn't avoid killing people that I didn't have to kill because I thought I was a bad ass, I did it because it was the right thing to do.

This whole idea that we are required to absorb a given amount of violence just because we are cops is preposterous, maybe 25 years ago, but today we are given more and more tools which are designed to keep us out of the ER and on the job, OC, Tazer, Baton etc…
So why didn't you use your more and more tools here:

Imagine if I stop a car one night, way out in the boonies miles from any sign of backup and immediately this huge guy gets out of the car squares off on me and announces he’s going to kick my @$$, he’s 6 foot tall and weighs in at around the 250 mark.

Guess what, he’s getting one chance to stop his closure towards me then its’ straight to deadly force.

Now if someone say 5 10 about 180 pounds but clearly in good physical shape does the same, guess what…

Same ending.
Given your choice of weapons here, when WOULD you use your less lethal tools???? When someone refuses to pass the ketchup? And what does the "out in the boonies with no sign of backup for miles" have to do with anything? If you knew that back-up was 1 minute away, would you fight with the guy for one minute? You could take care of the guy if back-up was 1 minute away, but not 10? And if he first got out of the car, then "squared off" at you, you wouldn't have time to do anything other than shoot him after he started walking toward you after getting out of the car and after squaring off? If it's straight to deadly force for a guy who is 5'8 and in good shape, who do you use your taser and OC and baton on?????
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