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Here is the problem with many LEO’s today and a good number of the old hands from yester-year.

They all have this [email protected]$$ mentality which leads them to believe they are required to stand between the world and all that’s evil, they fully believe they must go toe to toe with each and every bad guy who bows up, talks back or runs from them and the good old fashion @$$ whooping was the order of the day.

Speaking as a LEO with experience spanning a good part of a decade I can stand here and say with confidence that nothing could be farther from the truth.

You will end up in a civil lawsuit quicker for physically going toe to toe with an opponent today than you will if you use OC, a baton or tazer or end up shooting a person due to the afore mentioned variables.

Why you may ask…

When all is said and done nowhere in any SOP does it state you can use in any manor as a weapon your body, except in exigent circumstances, in which case you would be justified using the bumper off a 1940 Ford coupe if you had it.

Punching to the face is considered excessive and is a no-no in any department, you cannot use your feet but only in a take down, you cannot kick a suspect, you cannot choke a suspect (a supreme no-no) and you cannot use any form of martial arts expect in extreme circumstances and a good example is those cops in Atlanta who were just recently fired for using a type of “ultimate fighting” maneuver to take a person down.

The GBI ruled it violated all APD SOP and was not approved in any GA approved training curriculum and was far beyond excessive, but yet said the cops would have been justified in using the ASP baton which all of the carried at the time but did not use.

Our SOP outlines the UOFC, which starts with officer presence and verbal commands, then moves into soft open hands, OC and hard open hands and pressure points, then impact weapons and then deadly force.

The only strikes we were taught in the academy and the only ones approved to be taught in any course in GA is/were open palm strikes and strikes to various pressure points.

We were taught and our SOP clearly outlines that if those don’t work you go to an impact weapon or higher.

The FBI does not teach any form of hand-to-hand beyond open strikes, take downs and grappling, if it goes beyond that they are to move to some form of a weapon.

If you go to court and you physically pounded a person in a fist fight how is that going to look to a jury, or one better how would it look to a passerby, seeing you do your best Rocky Balboa impression on the street corner over, deploying an impact weapon, which everyone already accepts as a standard piece of cop equipment, and you are giving verbal commands then ending the altercation with one or two well placed strikes, over spending 2 minutes exchanging face and upper body punches with some guy?

This whole idea that we are required to absorb a given amount of violence just because we are cops is preposterous, maybe 25 years ago, but today we are given more and more tools which are designed to keep us out of the ER and on the job, OC, Tazer, Baton etc…

And ultimately deadly force which can and has been used justifiably against unarmed attackers.
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