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It's a brass' life

I too use Starline cases, after having had best luck with Remingtons, but discovering that the Rems vary on inside dimensions. The Starlines are lasting me forever on my target .357 loads. (Sorry you're having trouble w/Starline brass, Dogjaw--I wonder what is the difference??) The hunting loads (much heavier loads) don't get used as much so they haven't been reloaded as much, but they show no sign of getting tired.

I have a general rule about brass life, based on an article 100 years ago in NRA's American Rifleman which suggested that when your brass gets to voting age, scrap it. That was back when voting age was 21. Have had a couple of lots of brass get to that age, and sure enough, they began neck-splitting. So I scrapped the entire lot, with appropriate honors.
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