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BTW, I'm not a big guy either and if I were a LEO, and a big mo'fo' was threatening me with bodily harm, advancing on me, I would have no choice but to assume he thinks he's going to give me a beat down and take my weapon and then possibly use it against me in his getaway. WHat should I do? Which one would you do?
1) run away
2) run around in circles and hope I'm quicker than he is until backup arrives
3) make a bee-line for the squad car while spraying OC over my shoulder.
4) say my prayers and prepare to meet my maker.
5) Draw down on him and order him to stop, if he doesn't than I assume he intends beat me and use my weapon against me so I fire at him.

We had a scenario in here where a female officer responded to a call about a man with a knife. When she arrived on the scene it was a foreign guy with a box cutter. He started toward her so she commanded him to drop the knife. He did not so she drew on him. as he advanced toward her she walked backward. She had her shoulder mounted radio mic keyd the whole time so all of her commands and the whole scenario could be heard by dispatch and fellow officers in route. To make a long story short she had to use deadly force. The fact that she held her mic button is what saved her from lawsuits etc, I think.
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