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What happens if some guy who is bigger than you sucker punches you at a bar fight? You're just going to shoot him in the chest?
I have to ask a few question to this. What role is he playing? Is he a patron of the bar on his night off? Is he in LEO attire on official police buisiness?
Do LEO's routinely jump into the middle of bar fights to break them up, or does the whole place get O.C.'d beforehand?
I am not a LEO so please tell me what the proper procedure is in responding to a bar fight. If I were a LEO I don't think it would be very smart to go charging blindly into something like that without a plan. Heck I would EXPECT to get sucker punched.

I believe that each scenario is unique. The mind is able to process alot of information quickly in rapidly developing situations. Having said that it would seem that you will definitly know when it is time to use your weapon. Some situations develop so fast that you just doen't have time to attempt multiple forms of threat suppression so you would instictively prepare for the use of deadly force.
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