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You are stupid to post thusly. Anything on the net
stays on record forever. Anyone can be tracked back from a post, and any group of guys who SAY you pointed a gun at them carry more wt in most courts. than your sole voice. The fact that you are dumb enough to show guys a gun (that you don't have in HAND yet) shows how much you really know about the subject.
Uh, no, nice try. Thanks for playing.

First, IIRC, TFL doesn't keep server logs.

Second, the vast majority of posters are anonymous here and go by nicks only.

Third, I don't know of any case EVER where the posting history of the victim in a self defense incident was EVER researched. They look at the incident. This isn't some crime drama on TV where the CSI camera zooms into the computer screen, screams out to the internet, and reveals all about a poster. It's real life. They deal with the facts of the case, not theoretical discussions on an online bulletin board filled with tens of thousands of theoretical discussions.

Fourth, your very assumption is absurd. Thousand of people on dozens of firearms board have posted not only what they would do, but what they HAVE DONE. By the extension of your 'logic', we could never have any discussions related to firearms because some mean DA will figure out where to do his research online and find out that somebody uses .45 ACP instead of 9mm because of *GASP*....get this evil intention...STOPPING POWER!!!!

Oh no, they talked about which round stops a human being better! Get a rope, he's a cold stone killer!!!

Dear sweet lord, do you realize how ridiculous your 'point' really is????

Thankfully, even if you don't, most rational people will.
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