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It seems like some of you are afraid to fight and think shooting someone to avoid a fight will be ok.
Sorry but that is incredibly ignorant and bordering on the idiotic.

I'm walking along minding my own business. Some wannabe tough guy look for trouble starts something. There's no way to escape the situation. By your train of thought, I'm obligated to engage in a fight.

I'm sorry, but I like having my own teeth and a nose that's never been broken. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on hospital bills because some dumbass with anger control issues decided to fight me. I don't want to get an open wound and get some lowlife's blood on me and contract God knows what diseases. I don't want to miss work or have to spend time missing my life recuperating from injuries. And I don't want to be sued by some idiot who thinks because he started a fight with me I owe him money to pay his doctor bills. Even if I won that case it would cost me thousands to defend it.

Your statement takes absolutely nothing into account except the fact that you believe people who don't wish to fight are cowards because they END it by producing a firearm. That is BS.

What is the upside of your bravado? That you get to say "I'm a real man because when someone challenges me, I don't use my brain and the best method to stop the threat, I lead with my chin and start swinging!"

If I'm carrying and all my attempts to diffuse the situation have failed, I'm not going to give the guy the fight he wants. I'm going to give him the fight he wasn't expecting and end the conflict with something that has a 99% chance of avoiding real violence.
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