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Yea, and with a little testing, you can throw in the CHEAP surps like WC844, AA2230-C, and the one I haven't tested yet (maybe this weekend) Data Powder 73. The latter two are available from Powder Valley for $65 and $50 per 8# jug. No reason to pay canister price when this other stuff does the same thing. Already used 2230-C in .308 with a Nos 125 BT and it performs quite well. Also loaded some '06 with same for an M1 (per Accurate's M1 data) and it functions well also with 168s.

Castpics has some 30-30 and .32 Win Spl data using WC844. Just have to be careful with lot numbers using the surps - start low and work up, but they work fine. Chrono is very helpful. Did I mention CHEAP? sundog
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