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Just a continuation of what Point said

My wife and I were making chili. We had about 5 quarts of the stuff and I pulled out two TINY green habanero peppers, just barely larger than a dime each. I proceeded to tell my wife not to cut them if she has any broken skin and to wash up right away (as she had never handled them before). She thought I was kidding. She removed the seeds and cut the peppers into tiny hairlike slivers and with one left, was about to put it and the oil residue into her mouth. I told her not to, with a look on my face like I was serious, but she thought I was kidding again.
Within seconds she was hitting the milk to kill the pain, then she rubbed her mouth and gums with bread and finally grabbed a plastic sleeved ice pop from the freezer and sucked on that for a while. She washed her hands three times and then touched her eye and then howled cuz it was still there and hurt.
Months later, when it was hot again, she reached into the freezer for an ice pop. She picked the one she had sucked on and burned her mouth all over again. This was from a tiny sliver of the pepper.
You have to be careful with this stuff. If my life depended on it, I could fight while under it. If I were a mugger, I'd take a personal day.
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