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Dad's taken a couple with it, but I think one was with a 1917 revolver in 45acp. That still counts. We have some excellent bullets these days, and I'm convinced that any of the deeper-penetrating loads will work just dandy for as far as you can reliably hit a paper plate off-hand.

This is for TEXAS DEER!!! I hunt in far N. Uvalde Co., and it's a big'un that gets above 115 lbs. However, you oughta be prepared for that monster that is a clear anomally of genetics. I shot mine last year, and we're still trying to figure it out. (somebody was obviously feeding heavy; 200 lbs!)

I've been taking my Gold Cup for years, loaded with either XTP loads or Hydra Shocks, or Gold Dots. Hey, you ought to do as well on a 120lb deer as you do on a 150lb man, right? This is one reason I've always said that the 9mm is inadequate for main-battery personal defense; it's inadequate for deer.

The one time I tried my pistol at a deer, she was behind and to the left of me, and I tried a stupid, foolish stunt. (prepare for a confession, here): I got up in a crouching position and turned my torso around to face my 7:00 position at the skittish deer 10+ yards away. I then (this is the bad part) fired at her left-handed (I'm right-handed) with one hand while in this less-than stable position. She turned completely inside out. I fired again. She turned right-side out again. She moved in front of me. Did I change to Weaver hold? Noooooo! I fired again. (are we keeping count?) Just as she bolted, I let another one go for good measure.
Certain that I MUST have drawn blood with my flurry of .45, I sought to down the doe now pounding away through the trees and bushes at a speed a little below C. So I dropped my pistol in the leaves, picked up my Springfield and fired, hitting her in the head... on the 2nd shot. She had ONE (1) hole in her. In through the back of the cranium, out through the left eye.

NOT my finest hour. I plead youth and lack of experience at the time. NOT inaccuracy, though. At the ranges involved, I knew in advance that I could put 5 shots in a cluster just wider than a ragged hole. I did not, however, shoot as I had practiced. This is a lesson well-learned, which is why I passed on this abyssimal story to you; practice like you play, and you'll do fine.
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