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Hill Country deer at 150 pounds? You ain't huntin' Llano, Mason or Brady Counties! 150 on the hoof is nearly a giant, there! What, you been feedin' heavy?

Anyhow, if you are reliably able to hit the end of a beer can at 25 yards, a deer's neck will be the shot for a .45ACP. If he's facing you, center-punch the white spot. I'm guessing at one of the 200-gr hollowpoints...

Right after WW II, my uncle worked his cattle with his surplus Signal Corps Harley. The deer took him for granted, just as the cows. He collected two or three deer with his 1911, at probably 10 or 15 yards, using a pure lead 230 gr RN. "It just sorta wraps around 'em..." But, I've watched him spin clothespins with a .25 Walther...

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