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You've got a 2nd issue that started this mess. A powder measure on a progressive press that is faulty. Did you figure out why your powder measure is failing? I've got a Dillon press, and I'm not familiar with the Lee 1000. Did something loosen up that activates/operates the powder measure?

Dillon has an arm that is held to the side of the measure with a socket head (allen) cap screw and wave spring washer. The cap screw will loosen up over time, allowing this activating arm (with a white nylon block) to slip out of the notch in the charge bar. This causes a partial charge, or no charge at all. Fortunately for me, I have a habit of checking every 10th case for powder charge, and only had to pull 10. This cap screw is in your face while reloading, and now gets checked before starting, and at regular intervals.

I would have serious doubts about any powder charge until I found out what was wrong.
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