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Thank you for the correction DNS. I guess that's another thing that I have cemented in my brain, albeit help me make that jump.

I guess what I am saying is there are many ways to end an unpleasant social situation. Guns should be reserved for saving your life. If your life is saved because he retreated, or because you fired it is still the same reason you drew it. Guns should not be used to end unpleasant or frightening encounters.

Scenerio #1. Yes, get 911 on the line, and take cover. When he breaches your door, do what you have to do to save your life. If you show your gun, how do you know he will not leave, go around the block and then come take you out with a rifle from across the street? You are now at a disadvantage because he knows your plan.

Scenerio #2. get a car between you and the BG while you assess the situation and find the friend or two he is sure to have along for the ride. Chances are you are being herded. Cars are great barriers. If you are taken in a parking lot, it is by surprise or because you did not use obstacles to your favor. If you pull your gun when you are unaware of BG#2, then there is a high probability you will loose your gun when he takes you from behind and by surprise. BG#1 is just there to draw your attention while BG#2 pops you from behind with a pipe.

Bad guys who cannot succeed at life win because they have a plan, while the victim does not. The BG depends on you following thier plan. When you pull a gun but do not shoot, you are still following that plan.

Enough, I'll hush before I get flamed. I agree that no scenerio can be analyzed hypothetically. You can "what if" yourself to death. I know the costs of taking a life. They are not to be taken lightly. I also know the value of saving your own life. That scale may be balanced by any person who lives, whether they carry a weapon or not. It's not a matter of using the gun. It's a matter of saving your life.
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