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"If I ever have to pull my gun, I'm going to use it"??
Why do I say that? Because I have taught myself to think that. I want to think it and believe it in my bones so deep that there will be no moment of hesitation that may cost me my life. It's a mindset.

Pulling a gun is not to be taken lightly. When you pull a gun, you are employing lethal force whether you fire it or not. Pulling a gun will either end a conflict by death or retreat, or it will escalate the conflict beyond your wildest imagination. You assume that pulling a gun will cause a retreat on the other person's part. What do you do if he pulls his gun? What do you do if he snatches a child? What do you do if he just keeps coming saying "What are you going to do now punk? Shoot an unarmed man?" for all to hear? What do you do when his buddy off to your left that you are unaware of pulls his gun and ventilates your skull?

If you have the time your scenerios present, you also have the time to take other measures. Chances are, in a real life encounter, you will have very little time. Hesitancy will get you killed. The time to hesitate is before you pull the gun. Once the gun has been pulled, you cannot put it back so easily. Your gun changes the entire dynamics of a confrontation.

That being said, if his retreat begins before my sights are aligned, he will retreat unharmed. I hope he doesn't hesitate.
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