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Why do people always say......

"If I ever have to pull my gun, I'm going to use it"??
Because carrying a gun makes some people feel powerful and tactical, like the Ninja. And like the Ninja, who must draw blood when they pull their swords, the gunman who threatens to use his gun every time he pulls it out of its sheath feels even more like the Ninja.

I am not going to fight anyone period, I am not paid to fight and no where in the Georgia code does it say it’s my job to take an @$$ beating just because I’m a cop.

But it does say in the Georgia code where I can use force against an unarmed attacker.

Imagine if I stop a car one night, way out in the boonies miles from any sign of backup and immediately this huge guy gets out of the car squares off on me and announces he’s going to kick my @$$, he’s 6 foot tall and weighs in at around the 250 mark.

Guess what, he’s getting one chance to stop his closure towards me then its’ straight to deadly force.

Now if someone say 5 10 about 180 pounds but clearly in good physical shape does the same, guess what…

Same ending.
I think you need a new line of work.
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