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You just can't generalize these situations as in:
--it's cool to flash your shiney pistol in this situation.
--it's NOT cool to flash your shiney pistol in this situation.

The're all different. You can try to post scenerios all you like but the "what would you do if" stuff really doesn't end up in any great answer to the question.

I guess all I mean is I'd actually have to really be in the situation to know if I'd justify any action in particular.

Generally you hear the "I won't pull it until I know I have to fire" because most people who carry on TFL like to consider themselves law abiding citizens. That, coupled with the what they teach in the classes they had to take in order to carry, make them give this response.

Not to mention the thought of knowing your taking a situation that you really do not understand yet, and turning it into a situation where at least one dude has his boom stick out. There's usually not a good result unless your banking on the bad guy crapping his pants and you having a funny story to tell your other CCW buddies.
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