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Why do people always say......

"If I ever have to pull my gun, I'm going to use it"??

Personally (maybe I'm an idiot, and tell me if I am), I can think of a bunch of scenarios right off the top of my head as to when I'd pull a gun and not necessarily aim and fire immediately.

1) Your doorbell rings. You look through the window and are eye-to-eye with a Mr. Nasty demanding that you open the f'ing door or he's gonna break it down. I pull my gun, let him get a look at it, and wait for him to make the next move.
2) Walking back to your car in a dark parking lot. Mr. Nasty pops out and walks directly toward you with harmful intent in his eyes. I stop, unholster and give him a second or two to think it over.

I mean, the list could go on and on. I understand the mindset that you don't draw until you are justified in using it, but if we think about it hard enough, we can all come up with scenarios in which we might draw or reveal our weapons without automatically blasting away. In neither of the above situations would I have been justified legally in shooting the man, but to just stay the course is wasting very precious seconds.
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