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I'll never admit to the women's underwear, but I just can't hide the lederhosen and singing!

I composed my post-collegiate shooting stats by firearm for the last 3 years (all firearms were owned throughout the 3 year period except the Laredo which I purchased last October):

Ruger Super Redhawk (44 Mag.): 0 shots
Weatherby (.338/378 Wby. Mag.): 0 shots
Remington Model 700 (.270 Win.): 5 shots (3 deer, 2 turkey)
Winchester Laredo (7mm STW): 43 shots (40 load development, 2 deer, 1 turkey
Remington 11-87 (12 ga.): 12 shots (0 dove)
Total number of rounds fired: 60 shots

Before I graduated, I was very active and that would have been an average month's shooting with just the .338/378 Weatherby! Maybe I have let the responsibilities of work take a little too much away from me. Anyway, I am sure with Long Path's help, and others like him, I can break this vicious work addiction

David Curry
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