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Shucks, David-- 't'weren't nuthin'.
Next time, we'll schedule better, and we know where they're flying. I believe we could limit out our next time out, if they fly like I saw 'em at the end.

Re: <100 rds in 3 years-- Dang, David!!! Don't admit that in a public forum of such august company as this! Better to admit that you wear women's underwear under little lederhosin while singing "I am a little Alpine boy!" on your hunts, than to admit an average of only 33 shots/year!!!! (okay, perhaps that image conjured up TMI, there...)

We'll raise that stat on the range this fall. If we get out there early enough, we'll have doubled your yearly average by Sunday, w/pistol rifle, and shotgun. Gimme a call!

"Happiness is a warm gun..." (Same words, different meaning.)
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