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I was at a friend's house last month, and her new husband (whom I am desperately trying to reserve judgement on...) wanted me to try out his new hunting program with him. (I forget the name.) You could hunt Colorado, Sasquatchawan, the Olympic Pennensula, and you would scan around, and your guide (a woman, interestingly enough) would tell you: "There! To the North!" And you would swing around to see if you caught sight of the game. If you did, it taught some extremely bad techniques. I would see the game, and hold my cursor just beyond the next bush it was about to pass through, to click on it as it passed out. No go. The game would cause a full-grown moose to disappear after having passed behind a cedar. It only rewarded snapshots, and this man who had never been hunting before was kind of frustrated at my ineptitude at this realisitc hunting program. I was too cautious for him.

When I took a quick trip to the can and returned, he was just in the act of "shooting" a huge Boone and Crockett white tail for me. (It goes from computer-generated animation to live-action digitized photography when you click on the game, so that you can "take your shot"). The deer dropped, and he grinned like an idiot. "See?? You got the record deer so far!" It was, of course, logged on under my name, so he was effectively "filling my tag." His pride was kind of disturbing, like the guy who just got a great deal at the electronics store on a product. I've seen this once before in actual hunting, and I want no part of it, even simulated.

I said, "Hey-- didn't I see that you have that CD of old classic video games? Let's play Dig-Dug or Defender...!"

It's not the same.

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