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I have two from Browning. They make my computer lock up when I get out of them. Have to do a hard reboot. Cabela's Hunting Big Game II is fair. 3D Grizzly has it's good points. Deer Hunter II is pretty good, although some of the areas have damn few deer. Brownings Elk Hunter and African Safari are not too bad, but as I said before they cause my computer to lock up when I sign off.
To be perfectly frank, they all have good points, and bad points. I'll pick on just one. Grizzly Hunter. You have various weapon choices, naturally all browning products. Now the obvious choice for griz would be the .375 H&H rifle right? Nope. Use the 30-338 lever action. For backup you have a 1911A1 .45 ACP. BTW. That is the only choice for handgun hunting. it was the only weapon I used to win against the maneater. None of the rifles worked. Gives you the wrong impression of what works and what doesn't. JMHO.
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