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Boy, ain't this a hoot! So, North Carolina doesn't allow the .440 Cor-bon either (bottleneck cartridge, length < 2"). I find it odd how one of the most powerful pistol cartridges out there is banned in many states .

Here a couple more:
Arkansas: Barrel at least 4" long, no rimfire, military, or Full Metal Jacket ammunition.
Arizona: Any centerfire handgun, no FMJ or tracer ammunition.

Sorry about Iowa! I must be getting dyslexic. I also left out that the barrel must be at least 4" and no FMJ ammunition.

Long Path, I think that you may have mistaken Wyoming's laws for Colorado's. Your .45 LC handloads should be welcome there I also screwed up Colorado's law (I must of been half asleep). It is:

Colorado: Minimum of 550 ft-lbs of energy at 50 yards, at least 4" barrel, and at least .24 caliber.

You know the one thing I've began to notice is how some states make it very difficult to locate the state's hunting and fishing agency and others put it right on the first page. Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, and Idaho, for example, give high visibility to hunting. As for Florida, I still haven't been able to locate their regulations---maybe hunting embarresses them. Sad, because they have great hunting opportunities.

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