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Art-- it's interesting to note that a couple of years ago, in a change of philosophy, TX P&W started to repeal even the non .22 rimfire rule. TP&W did go ahead and repeal the prohibition on crossbows for this change in philosophy, which was: "We make regulations regarding game management, period." The hunter uproar was so furious about the .22 rf's, though, they went ahead and re-inserted it. Frankly, I'm one of the uproaring hunters. I don't want some yahoo out there wounding deer with his 10/22 (for example).

I do find it amusing that my late friend Wilson was hunting legally when he went stalking javelina and hogs in the thick low brush on his hands and knees armed only with a matched pair of Colt .41 rimfire derringers! [snicker]

I'm sort of ticked about the fact that the rules in CO will not allow one to hunt with any .45 LC, despite the fact it can be handloaded to meet and exceed .44 magnum. I've never been big-game hunting with factory centerfire ammo! (I don't think javelina count, and that was .38 special, anyway.)

Okay, okay, how about this one for silly: N.Y. state and Illinois, and maybe some others, disallow hunting with rifle, but allow hangun hunting, regardless of caliber!! Thus, by their logic, the population is too dense to allow you to hunt with a Steyer Scout with it's 19", but you can load the same .308 ammo in an XP100 pistol with a 14" barrel, and be legal as can be. Huh?

It would seem to me that you can more easily control where your round is going with a long gun than a pistol...
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