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I'm curious as to what the various handgun laws are in each state. Here are are few that I've gleaned thus far:

Colorado: 500 ft-lbs of energy retained at 50 yards.
Georgia: 500 ft-lbs of energy retained at 100 yards.
Idaho: Any non rimfire cartridge.
Iowa: Straight cased cartridges in calibers of .375 or larger.
Oklahoma: Any cartridge with a case length of at least 1.25".
Texas: Any non .22 caliber rimfire cartridge.
Washington: 500 ft-lbs of energy retained at 100 yards.
Wyoming: 357 Remington Maximum, .41 and .44 Remington Magnum, .44 Auto Magnum, .45 Winchester Magnum, .454 Casull and .50 Action Express.

Anybody know any others? Especially really silly ones like Iowa's and Oklahoma's So far, my .50 AE Desert Eagle is legal in every state allowing handgun hunting whereas more powerful cartridges such as .440 Cor-bon, .475 Linebaugh, and .500 Linebaugh aren't. Weird.

David Curry
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