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I once had a friend, who has passed on to the great game preserve in the sky, who used nothing but a custom Mauser in .257 Roberts that he built himself. It was Mannlicher stocked with the European double set triggers. He had a "tender" shoulder, and anything that was harder kicking was painful to him. That man could shoot. He always got his deer and elk every year. Usually one shot each. I never saw him shoot more than once at any animal. His favorite bullet was, if memory serves, the 117 gr. Nosler semi-spitzer. He even took it on a moose hunt in Alaska. One shot, one moose.
Someone mentioned the older 93 and 95 Mausers. I had one once in 7x57. I never shot anything but factory, or factory equivilent reloads in the gun. It was very light, well balanced and quite accurate. It had been put together by some German outfit, probably before the war. (WW-2) I traded it off to a guy for a semi-custon Enfield 06 I wanted to convert to .300 Win. Mag. About a week after the trade, he comes in saying that the rifle I sold him blew up. I had told him about the ammo limitations, but the jerk knew better. He made up some hot loads and that pretty little rifle couldn't take it. I gave him back his rifle. it was an Eddystone 1917 Enfield. Some of those developed cracks in the receiver ring and were unsafe. His, it turned out was one of those.
Boy has this stuff gotten off-thread, or what?
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