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I would definitely say stay away from any new model Ruger M-77 (Mk II?)! The quality is highly variable on the barrels, and while the fit and finish looks good, the only way to improve the bad triggers on them is to buy a new adjustable, like the Timney trigger group, for $70+. I've two friends with new ones that, while they feel good and the action is nice and the fit and finish is good, they just won't hold under 2 MOA. This is okay hunting accuracy; I'm not disputing that. But when you plunk down $400+ for a rifle, then a scope, mounts, sling, and the whole shebang, and STILL can't guarantee better than 2" at 100 yards, I think this is a bit disappointing.

Old M-77's (10 yrs or better) are a whole 'nother story.

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