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I bought some of that Korean ammo a few months ago and I was very dissapointed. While the 60 garand clips were nice, I don't even have a garand. I thought they were 1903 clips. (good excuse to get one sooner though). There were about 80-90 cartridges that were so badly damaged that I could never use them. Of the remaining brass (I pulled the bullets) I had another 80 or so questionable cartidges with dings and mild dents. Almost all of the rest of the brass had some wear. I got it on sale for around $60 for 480 rounds and the .50 cal ammo box. I barely got what I paid for.

Whatever you do DON'T use the old powder (advice I took from others on TFL). It wasn't even the same type of powder from one cartridge to the next even in the same clip. The bullets were fine though and they were not too hard to pull.
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