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Be glad to talk about what I shoot in my 6" S&W 57. I'm not a hunter and I don't believe in unneeded wear and tear on me and my guns. I shoot home cast SWC in the 210-220 grain range and approximate the old police load with either 6.0 grains of 231 or 7.5-8.0 grains of Unique. Those of you who followed the link to Leverguns saw that they found a narrow "sweet spot" at 6.0 grains of 231. I found that spot myself 15-20 years ago with the help of a Lee Machine Rest. Five grains of 231 does very well with flush seated 220 HBWC, but no one else is likely to be shooting those.

I have no personal need for jacketed bullets in the .41 Mag. but a friend does very well with 19.0 grains of WC 820, which approximates AA-9, under 210 grain jacketed. Approach that with extreme caution because it is a max charge in his guns and milsurp powder can vary widely. He's shooting a Redhawk and a Marlin carbine, and I do not believe I would go quite that hot in my Model 57.
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