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.223 Rem loads for a 1-14" boltaction

Hi, I got a Rem 660 carbine that was rechambered from a triple duece / .222 at the beginning of march. I have got a reasonable selection of powders, I load for a .17 rem, a 250 sav and 2, 7mm08's plus a few other larger case /slower burn powders. It had been bedded and and has a trigger job that is nice. Some of the local police officers used this combo to qualify for .223, so there is at least 1 more in town. A change of rules has changed the quals, and I think they need to use a AR clone. Anyway mine came from a local gun shop ( consignment)with no load data, even though I asked them to ask the owner.
This will be a light carry gun for fun, plinking, pest control, varmints, small game and maybe coyote. I had 3 position training in H.S. Rotc and H.S. 3 position league competition. I would like to wring some accuracy and shoot some small pukas ( hawaiian for holes "0" ) at the range too. I have a Rem 7 sts (been camo'ed) in 7mm-08 for a light carry gun of larger caliber when needed for more muscle (ie. bigger coyotes, speed goats, deer etc.) so this gun does not need to cover a broad range of needs. Also, Anybody got some light gain loads to with the new lighter hornady v-max's..
thanks... ...b
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