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Agreed as to White Feather hurting people at 2500 yds with a .50 BMG---
But we must distinguish between situations and purposes here. GSGT Hathcock was about the business of his country and his service, shooting at enemy soldiers. Disrgard for the moment whether or not this was a "righteous war." The man was doing his duty. That said, the decision was made that his targets needed to be shot. What matter WHERE that particular NVA or VC soldier was hit? Or, actually, if the guy standing NEXT to him was hit, instead. If he was hit in the leg, mission accomplished.

(One school of thought is that a WOUNDED enemy soldier is a better result than a dead one. The one takes at least two others out of service, rendering air and evacuating him. The other is merely a problem for Graves Registration and a sad letter from the CO. Not to mention the demoralizing effect of a groaning or screaming comrade. Please note that I mean no disrespect toward the enemy soldier merely doing his job or following orders.)

We hunt game animals for many different reasons. But I trust there's no one on this forum who believes that it is a good thing to merely wound a--anything on the game lists-- rather than make a clean kill. And there's no game animal that SHOULD be caused to suffer to demoralize its companions. I, personally, can make a case in my own mind --and whose mind matters more, to me?-- that it is SOMETIMES more morally correct to gut shoot a human being than a whitetail deer that I just want to eat.

I am a newcomer to this forum and I feel the need to say how much I respect the opinions and sentiments of most of those here.

---The Second Amendment ensures the rest of the Bill of Rights---
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