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Getting away from the issue of the pistol itself: Do you plan on walking, or sitting and waiting? Have you done a lot of pistol shooting?

The reason I think these are factors is that you have the gun "on order". So, if you're walking, you might have to turn and shoot. Or draw and shoot. Practiced this sort of thing very much?

I strongly suggest that you get a bunch of lightly-loaded ammo and "play like" you are in some awkward hunting situation, with gallon cans and old buckets or milk jugs for targets. Get your muscle-memory built up for that particular pistol.

Lotsa times while quail hunting, I carry a Redhawk in a cross-draw position. My own hilarity of a Chinese Fire Drill is to try to put down the shotgun and get the pistol out and up before "Ol' Bucky" gets too ridiculously far away. Or, switch hands, draw and fire ASAP while not dropping the shotgun or falling down. Glad nobody's been around with a video-cam...But it's better to do this sort of "imagineering" BEFORE it's a sad hunting story of "You shoulda seen..."

Later, Art
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