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Mike Irwin
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"Well bless your heart, and give up the 231 as a powder recommendation with cartridges that it is not appropriate for, which is most of them that use a magnum case!"

Ah, yes, those pesky, pesky, loading manual manufacturers, recommending powders that they know just aren't suited for a particular cartridge.

What a load of BS if I've ever heard it.

Not appropriate and not the best choice are two completely different things, but as with many of your other "recommendations," you've shown a singular inability to recognize that.

But, tell us, oh wizardly sage of the handloading press and share with us your infalliable reasoning as to why 231 isn't "appropriate" as a light- to medium-load powder for 231.

Your humble servants await your wisdom as a dog waits for crumbs from its master's table.

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