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Hello! I am going to try my hand at handgun hunting this year and I would like to hear from those of you who have some experience. Mainly, I would like to know if handguns (excluding the single-shot hand cannons---I like my hearing ) are capable of cleanly harvesting game. I have ordered a Desert Eagle (6" barrel, .50 AE) and would mostly be using it to shoot feral hogs at night on my deer lease and they occasionally get over 300 lbs. I plan on using 350 gr. FP Hawk bullets, but the sectional density worries me---it is only equivalent to a 136 gr. .308 bullet. Will these things puncture an old hog with thick grisle? I probably worry too much, but I don't know anyone first-hand who has shot a game animal with a handgun, so I wonder about their effectiveness.

David Curry
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