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Garand newbie and reloading "pre-newbie" checking in.

I'm thinking of buying a case of '70's production Korean corrosive primed 30.06 from Aim just to get the clips and bandoliers. The cost is about what people locally are getting for clips alone, if one doesn't factor in the (not inconsiderable) freight from Aim.

There's something about just throwing out ammo that isn't, well, right so I got to wondering if I could salvage the brass (assume I lack the heuvos to put corrosive through my "new" Garand - even primer only).

This thread has me thinking it's doable, questions remaining are:

Anything about the '70's Korean that would make the brass not worth keeping for reloading? (It is boxer).

Anything specific about this stuff that would complicate the issue? Bullets more difficult to pull / primers lacquered in addition to crimped?

I'm guessing all I'd need in addition to my (not yet unpacked) RCBS starter kit for 30.06 would be a "bullet puller"?

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