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Bullets for the .375.. There were several failures on the hunt. I failed to get a good handle on what to take. My outfitter/booking agent (Robert Kern with the Hunter's Consortium) gave me good advice, but I didn't follow it. (He advised RWS ammo) The other failure (not mentioned in the story) was of the 270 grain softpoints. Killed well, but shredded on impact. The third failure (mentioned) was the FMJs advertised as solids.

The bottom line to me, (IAW Charles Askins Jr.'s remarks) is the need for 100 grains more weight. (minimum) The 416 (all) fits the bill. I played with a .458 for a while and had good luck with that. I was running 400 grain X-bullets at 2400 fps with no problems, so would consider that load acceptable. The rifle was a push feed M77 that had a bad habit of dropping the floorplate when fired. It found a new home.

On the flip side, Ross Seyfried (admire him greatly) recommends the .375 with good bullets. (Trophy Bonded/Swifts/X-bullets or the Speers) I don't disagree with his line of reasoning, but would feel better with a "4" something. His opinion is based on watching hunters shoot - mine is based on ME shooting. Recoil management is "doable" with the big guys for me.

I still have a .375 and think it's the berries for a medium rifle. Don't plan to be without one, but not for buff - not again.


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