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When I was a kiddo of about 12, I got so excited at the prospect that I would practice for the opener by removing the sights from my old Crossman 760 B.B. gun and trying to hit thrown cans (usually unsuccessfully) or just rapidly point-shooting static targets. The general upshot of this practice was not an improvement in my smoothbore ability, but merely to lose the sights on my pellet rifle.

The entire season begins at the dove season opener, which is followed by deer bow season, for those of y'all who do it (I'm thinking of using my wife's bow this year for the first time...), quail, then, on Nov. 6, the MAIN EVENT-- deer and turkey! It is for this reason that late October is really my favorite time of the year; the weather begins to cool (not chill-- that's late November), and the anticipation of the big combo-hunts is wonderful. More than once, I've been sighting-in for deer season on the third weekend of October, with my well-used shotgun next to the shooting table, should a late dove fly over the improvised range at that time.

To the Texans: doesn't it seem that the heat gets just a tad more bearable at the start of dove season, even if the thermometers read the same? I swear, I had occasion to be outside for about an hour and a half today (walking around campus), and although the temp was reading 99 F., it seemed more temperate. The shadows were just a bit longer, and the breezes a bit cooler. And suddenly, as the sun begins to set, we again have the "golden hour," which seems to leave us every summer.

And I just found out that I'm going to be working 12 hour shifts every day for the next 17 days! NOOOooooooo...!!! (Not to mention 12 hours this semester!) Heck with it-- I'm still going.
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