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gunnyjim2, more than likely your bullet is engaging the lands of your barrel prematurely. Since it is a TC bullet you can decrease the OAL. I would say try 1.125, but really the best thing to do is to check the chamberlength of your pistol, which you didn't mention, but that's OK. Take a fired case and insert a bullet into it. Do not resize or reprime! Once the bullet is in the fired case, put it into the chamber of the barrel and lightly tap it on the case rim until the case seats in the chamber. Use a plastic mallet or the handle of a hammer if you don't have a plastic mallet. Use very light taps and when the case is seated remove the dummy cartridge and measure the OAL. This will tell you the chamber length with a particular bullet. Once you have the correct chamber length, reduce the OAL of your handloads by .005-.010" for proper headspace. If you are certain, after doing this several times, that you have the correct OAL, I would go with a .005" reduction in OAL for accuracy of the handload. A SWC has a smaller diameter in the nose of the bullet. A TC tapers from the bearing surface to the actual nose of the bullet, so this problem is most likely encountered with a TC rather than a SWC. You could even go down to an OAL of 1.120", but with any reduction of OAL, you must decrease the powder charge by the same percentage at least, on a percentage basis! Give us the Pistol and be as specific with your data as possible and we can help you correct this problem easily. SWC's will help you avoid a problem like this and I plan to use the Oregon Trail 170 gr. SWC with HS-6. The chamber on my XD Tactical is long so I won't likely encounter problems like this, but I have with other pistols, like the CZ's in 9mm. We're here to help!
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