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Take heart's possible! Two days, two deer a's four deer. See, it adds up!

Just so you'll have hope I'll relate this story. A buddy of mine and I put in for some of the doe permits several years ago in Tennessee. We got drawn for Marshall County where he had a cousin with a dairy farm that hadn't been hunted much for several years. We had permits for two does each and had Saturday and Sunday to connect. Figured we would pop a couple of good "meat deer" and head home.

Before daylight Saturday, I took a spot overlooking a bowl shaped valley and my buddy hit the woods - he knew his way around the place. Just about good shooting light I see a deer crossing the creek below me about 150 yards out. One shot, one deer. It turned out to be a buck with a smallish 4 point rack but my hunting partner didn't get a shot.

We checked mine in at a country store down the road and ate a home cooked style breakfast. Several hunters stopped in and looked at the deer in the back of the truck. "Looks like you guys had good luck" was the usual response.

Well, we had to go back and try to get his deer so we decided to do some two-man drives along a valley. I took the top and he took the bottom. About 20 minutes in he jumped three out of the bottom. I heard him shoot and, about the same time, a deer headed up the ridge across the valley from me. No time to look for a rack - crosshairs on the shoulder and squeeze. The deer piled up and slid back to the bottom. His was a BIG doe and mine was a dandy 8 pointer (one of two I still have on my wall).

We checked these in at the same place. Now its about noon and we have two bucks and a doe in the back of a short bed Ford pickup. We're starting to draw a crowd!

We both figured luck was with us so instead of going home we went back to set up stands for the afternoon. About half an hour before dark a big doe crossed a clearing about 50 yards from me. Well I already had two bucks so she filled half my doe tag. Within five minutes I heard my buddy shoot. Just as it was getting dark he dragged a really nice 6 pointer out to the truck.

You guessed it! We went right back to the same store to check them in. The owner came out to meet us before we could get in. He was calling to some other hunters in the parking lot. "Hey, c'mere...these guys have 'em stacked up like firewood over here!"

That was the BEST day of the BEST year I ever had deer hunting. I mounted the 8 pointer to remember the day and I still have the picture we took of five deer, hanging on the meat pole, taken by two hunters in one day. It stays in my office and always makes people ask about it. The meat filled my freezer, his freezer and we still ended up donating about 200 pounds to "Hunters for the Hungry".

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