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Originally I had planned on Spending this coming Tuesday through Sunday in South Carolina on an awesome Deer hunting festival. The limit in SC's "Low country" is Two deer per day, with any weapon. As a bonus, the deer will still be in velvet. I have never taken a deer in Velvet and I am really looking forward to taking a nice trophy or five.

Things being what they are, I am not going to be able to get to SC until Friday Night, which will only leave me Saturday and Sunday to hunt, but I am still looking forward to it. My wife and several friends will still be hunting at the location all week.

My first priority will be to actually take a deer, and I will be go out Saturday Morning with the Steyr Scout, with which I have yet to take any game. I will most likely wear an appropriate hunting pistol as well, in case a hog or deer shows up in close.

After (IF) I drop a nice one with the Scout, I would also like to use a Crossbow to take a deer, and this will be one of the only hunts I have scheduled this year where that could be done.

Some of the other hunters inthe group will be using compound bows and I know at least one will be using a muzzle loader. My wife is really hoping to take a deer with her Xbow as well, but she will start out hunting with a rifle.

My plan originially was to use the 6 day hunt to try to drop four deer with four different weapons (Rifle, Xbow, Pistol and Muzzle loader), but that plan doesn't have much chance of success with only two days to hunt...


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