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Rob Pincus
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I'll be using a lot of weapons this year, as usual. Last year I took deer or hog with at least 5 different weapons. This year, I may double that. I am including Hog in this, since I often go on hunts that allow me to take both at the same time.
I am starting early next week in SC (see other topic) and should go strong on Whitetail until the end of Jan. Several hunts I go on are charity/promtional deals where the meat is donated to local programs which distribute the meat to those who need it. I will be hunting in at least 6 different states.

I may not get a chance to take game with all of these, but I intend to give it a good college try:

.460 Rowland 1911
S&W 629 Power Port .44 mag (Winchester Partition Gold)
10mm RT Glock 20 (Winchester SilverTips)

Benelli M1 (Brenneke Slugs)
Rem 870 (leftover Activ Slugs)

Blaser R-93 7mm mag (Ballistic Silver Tips)
Steyr Scout .308 (BSTs or Failsafes, as appropriate)

Knight DISC rifle

165 lb. Horton Hunter XL

Knife: (for hogs )
Custom blade by Chuck Stapel, approx 8".
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