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Wow! Okay, you've got me really psyched for my rebore, now! I've been looking at a 225 g. Sierra Spitzer, which has a B.C. that is about equal to the 150 grain .308 spitzer.

I'm reboring my old Springfield, and this ought to really bring some new life into it. Probably this will just be a backup rifle, for the most part, but... what fun! Even more fun to think of 5 Whelen loads with a 225 at 2500 each, all on stripper clips for a rapid reload!
Honestly, I'm going to have to get up to CO more often!
When I went this last time, I couldn't find a bare patch to set up on to overlook a canyon but once or twice, and then the ground was obscured by trees, so my .300 Sendero was sort of out of place. Most shots that I would have had were under 120 yds, or even under 90 yards. Iron sights and a heavy bullet looked to be in order. I'm also going to get rid of that heavy walnut monte carlo stock that someone put this Springield in a long time ago, and probably put it in a Zytel, or some such. Then comes the decision as to whether to make it handier and knock 2-4" off the current 24" barrel.

Gawd, I love this stuff....!
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