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Thanks, Art. The Sierra Blanca hunt is kind of a long shot, my buddy and I never seem to be able to hook up at the same time. You sure seem to know a lot about that area and hunting it, though.
Long Path and others, I've now heard 5 different things about elk in Texas. I've got another old bud that works for Texas P&W- I'll check it out with him. I don't believe he's and enforcement type, he's a biologist, but he should know and I'll let you all know what I find out. BTW, there was supposedly a remnant of an introduced elk herd in the Glass Mountains (Brewster and Pecos counties) when I last lived out that way in the late '80s.
And doggone it, Long Path, yes I got the .25-06 because of its reputation as the perfect west Texas and Hill Country hunting rifle (oops, now I done it). I WANT a Remington 700 in .30-06 but I won't be able to get one if my wife reads over my shoulder that I don't need one! Friends like you is why I have to do my posting at work, in violation of rules I'm supposed to help enforce
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