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All the charges were weighed out on one of the new RCBS powder systems. After being put into a case the next die on my Lyman turret checked powder heights. Beyond that the RCBS powder system counts the number of charges it has delivered and I line the cartridges up in a row where I can see them all. This doesn't absolutely guarantee that I didn't make a mistake but it certainly reduced the odds.
Interesting. Glad your ok. This is curious though. Sounds like you have a pretty good failsafe setup going. You probably did not do anything wrong but have you doublechecked the equipment? I went to Hodgens website and found your load data and boy oh boy is there a small range of charge between starting and max load! (<1.5g) Have you doublechecked the equipment? Have you checked the accuracy of the RCBS powder unit against another conventional scale and with check weights?

The Lyman powder checker locks out if its light or heavy, correct? Whats the range on it from light lock out to heavy lockout!? Have you ever tried to determine that? And how much crimp did you use?

All this new fangled equipment in the marketplace sure speeds up the reloading process, but is not infallible. The big boys like hodgen are not infallible either but they have more expensive equipment than we have and undoubtably do countless testing. What I'm getting at is maybe it wasn't operator error or data error but equipment error. Have you explored those possibilities?

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