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Thanks for the info on elk permits, Art. I was under the impression that they were classed as exotic game like the Axis deer or those nasty aoudad.
The company ranch thing is stillhunting. The guides take you out to the blind about 1/2 hour before 1st light, and pick you up at about 10:30. After lunch, you go out about 1:30-2:00 PM and they pick you up a little after dark. You are discouraged from straying too far from your blind, as it is rumored that us city folk may have some trouble telling one canyon from the next....
If I get to go to my buddy's Hudspeth County place, it would be a walkin' and drivin' hunt. Lo, these many years have past since I been on horseback and I've never hunted from horseback in my life so a ridin' hunt is probably out for me. My friend has a "desert war buggy" made from an old VW chassis with big multi-ply knobby tires filled with never-flat "camel" goop. I know that lechuguilla can penetrate 3/8ths inch mild steel plate covered in Kevlar and rubber attracts mesquite thorns but supposedly there are abundant trails on the land and he keeps to those.
As far as .25-06 versus .30-06 goes, I'm only trying to justify another rifle acquisition to my wife. FYI, I've hunted with the M77 for 5 years now and have always used 120 grain Remingtons, although I hope to begin reloading soon.
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