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There is only so much energy that can be generated by 2 grains of powder. To my mind, all the "light charge" blowups can be explained by overcharges or using the wrong powder.
Thats kind of what I was thinking. How can 2 grains blow up a gun? Squib it in the barrel maybe but a blowup, c'mon.

Now the 500 with 16 grains, yeah I can see that, hell its almost 45/70 sized case, and the 45/70 itself with its light bullet & small charge problems are not people trying to make gallery loads but people looking to reduce recoil or make small game loads. A whole lot more than 2 gr goes into these loads.

I like the idea of flush seating the WC's. Reduces the air space and would make them readily identifiable at a glance.

This talk is leading me to think that instead of halving a starting load and working down may not be the way to go here, but rather starting at slug your barrel weight (1gr) and working up until the slugs do not squib. Because somewhere in the middle of slug your barrel loads and starting loads is a dangerous range of charge. Make sense? The short barreled Bulldog would have almost no chance of squibbing and if it did, a short wooden dowel would pop it out easily I think.

What's your thoughts on crimp? None or mild? At this point I'm inclined to think none, as long as they chamber easily.
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