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Depends for me as well. The company I work has a ranch south of Sonora in Sutton and Edwards counties, and employees are allowed to hunt on it. You put your name in and generally you will be selected for a hunt. The hunts are 3 days each; I believe there are 2 per week during the entire TX regular season. The guides that work there are great cooks, really know the area well, and are patient and helpful. I'll be taking my Ruger M77 .25-06, which is plenty of medicine for the whitetail deer and feral pigs in that part of the world. I'll also bring the old Remington 870 out to the blind in case a flock of turkey come around my feeder. Unfortunately, handguns are a no-no (oil leases and company policy).
Failing a company-sponsored hunt, an old friend in Alpine has a place out near Sierra Blanca. If this becomes part of the plan, I'll need to do some rifle shopping- he's taken mulies there and has seen elk on the ranch. I'll be looking for a mid-priced .30-06 such as a USRA Model 70 Classic or Remington 700. I'd also definitely be bringing my 6.5 inch 629 PowerPort along.
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