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The Elmer Keith approach can be exhilarating, I was kind of looking for a bit more base line data before attempting, thus the nature of this thread.

Indecently the National Bullet that I’m using has a wide meplat. This particular style has a 0.330-0.340” meplat.

Will your internal ballistics program accept the 215gr bullet weight? If so what would be the listed max charge. How clean is this powder?

Merely to get the full undivided attention of each and every pin cause they got it coming.

Good question,
Yes there is a step in the cylinder that could be the basis of theoretical specification. IMO it’s the moon clip. But according to the specs it’s the case mouth. I suppose IF I were to use brass at the max case length of 0.898” the case mouth may come in contact with the cylinder. Since I trim at 0.895 or longer down to 0.893 my reloads never quite seem to reach.
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