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I'm 15 and will be getting a job when summer rolls around until then I ask for guns on every occasion where I recieve a gift (christmas, birthday) My parents also give me money for getting good grades. I'm up to 6 guns in two years of shooting so I'm doing alright however, none of them cost more than $150.

When I graduate from highschool I am going to enlist in the Marines. How much actual SPENDING money does a Marine earn?

Sounds like, me. Though, I'm going Army(same pay, better life). In the last thing the Marines sent me, I think they mentioned something on the lines of $1200 a month out of boot camp? Add that with all branches of the service getting 30 days of paid vacation.. good deal for me

On the Girlfriend/Spouse note..
The girl I hope to hook up with is an avid shooter Better than I am to...
Romans 12:21

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